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Artificial Intelligence  in
Asset Inspection

Automapp Cloud is focused on providing a powerful and complete solution for asset management by integrating artificial intelligence into its platform. AI plays a critical role in inspection optimization and decision making, enabling adaptive learning that improves over time.

Intelligent Automation for Advanced Detections

​As inspections are carried out with our platform, thanks to its integration with artificial intelligence, it is able to continuously improve its ability to identify relevant findings in the shortest possible time and with greater accuracy and reliability. This permanent learning process allows you to adapt to the needs of each client, providing personalized and efficient solutions that optimize the performance of your business.

Our pre-trained models on thousands of images are specifically designed to address common challenges in the electrical industry and construction site safety. These models can be quickly implemented and tailored to the specific needs of each organization, allowing users to start benefiting from automated problem detection from day one.


Visual Inspections with AI

on Automapp Cloud platform

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Precise Location

AI is combined with georeferencing to exactly locate identified problems on a map, facilitating the planning and execution of maintenance actions.

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Information and monitoring

The integration of AI in the platform provides a more complete and detailed vision of the assets, allowing the identification of trends and anticipation of problems.


Communication and informed decisions

AI improves the generation of reports, facilitating the interpretation of data and decision-making based on solid and reliable information.


Video Findings

Carry out exhaustive inspections photos and also on videos, this allows to significantly improve the accuracy and speed of review compared to traditional methods.
Thanks to this technology, thousands of minutes of video can be analyzed in just a few hours, which in turn minimizes the risks of distractions and human error.

AI Powered Visual Inspections

The integration of AI in Automapp Cloud allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of data management, risk detection and prioritization, as well as the generation of accurate and timely reports. The implementation of this technology allows more efficient and effective inspections to be carried out, which translates into a reduction in costs and an improvement in the safety and quality of the processes. In addition, the integration of artificial intelligence allows for continuous optimization of the system, allowing for greater precision and efficiency in information processing.


AI in 3 Simple Steps

Hassle-free automation

Step 1:
Data upload and management


Upload your images and videos on the platform. Then, use our built-in annotation tools to tag and categorize the findings, providing valuable information for training the AI ​​model. Carry out your inspections as normal, and eventually you will have a custom AI model ready.

Step 2:
AI model training


The platform uses the uploaded data and labels to train the AI ​​model. As more information is accumulated, the model becomes more accurate and efficient at detecting asset problems.


Step 3:
Automated Detection


Once trained, the AI ​​model is in charge of automatically analyzing the images and videos, identifying problems in the assets based on the patterns learned. The platform highlights and ranks findings based on their relevance and level of risk.

Simplifying the Transition to Inspections with AI

The integration of artificial intelligence in Automapp Cloud is a simple and seamless process, which facilitates the adoption of cutting-edge technologies in asset inspection. Our platform is designed so that users can easily upload their data, label it, and train AI models without the need for specialized technical knowledge. In addition, we offer support and training to ensure that all team members can take full advantage of the tools and functionalities of our platform.

Start Automating with Us

Discover how artificial intelligence integrated into our platform can make a difference in your asset inspection.

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