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Maximize your visual inspection analysis

With hundreds of images and videos constantly captured by smartphones and drones, you need a simple and effective solution that allows you to manage massive data in one place, facilitating its location and evaluation, to prioritize and report risks in competitive times and costs.

Identify risks and failures, massively

Your images are associated with assets, which have properties and are located on a map.
This allows you to evaluate hundreds of assets with thousands of photos from a single place.


Simplifies inspections over hundreds of assets

Identifying risks and failures in large numbers can be a daunting task, but thanks to our platform, this becomes a more efficient and effective task. By associating your images with specific assets, which have properties and are located on a map, you can evaluate hundreds of them with thousands of photos from a single place. In this way, you can have a complete vision of the situation and make informed and precise decisions to prevent and solve problems in your assets. Our platform allows you to optimize asset management, reduce costs and increase efficiency in the identification of risks and failures.


Upload what you capture

from drones and smartphones


Images and Videos

The base of all inspections, with full support for RGB images. 360 and Streaming.



Support for thermal images captured with DJI sensors and Radiometry reading.



Point cloud viewer with .LAZ support of millions of points, with 3D measurement tools.



Upload Orthomosaics to view them on a map in context with your inspections.


Locate your assets in a GIS

​Thousands of data, in different formats, now easily available from the same platform in an online geographic information system (GIS).

Linked directly to the assets you want to inspect, located on a map for easy management and evaluation.

Location at the center of your inspections

Georeferenced data plays a crucial role in our platform, providing numerous benefits. It improves decision making, improves collaboration, saves time and costs, increases security, and ensures comprehensive asset management. With Automapp Cloud, you can instantly access georeferenced data, reducing the need for on-site visits and manual data analysis.


Evaluations without limit

Identify Risk


Detect Faults

Identify all kinds of findings, from structural failures to operational risks, and tag your images with the abnormalities detected.


Automate with AI

When you achieve a significant number of labels, you can train a neural network for automatic AI detection that increases the speed and confidence of your inspections, without a single line of code.

Data Analysis for Asset Evaluations

By performing assessments on images and videos, LiDAR point clouds, orthomosaics, and thermographies, Automapp Cloud provides a more complete and detailed view of assets. These different types of data allow for a multidimensional understanding of the status and condition of assets, increasing the accuracy in identifying problems and areas that require attention. In addition, the use of these advanced technologies improves inspection efficiency, reducing the times and costs associated with field interventions.


Take Measurements

Record measurement dimensions directly in the point cloud.


Measure Temperatures

Using the radiometry of the images, it registers points with temperature, post-capture.

Identify risk levels immediately

The visualization of risk levels through colors in points on a map, which represent assets, is essential for effective management. This practice facilitates the rapid identification of problem areas and the prioritization of maintenance actions. By assigning colors according to the level of risk, Automapp Cloud allows an intuitive and clear interpretation of the state of the assets, improving decision making and optimizing resources based on the evaluations carried out.


Reports that activate


Establish Risk

Prioritize risks, focus resources and segment interventions with evaluation criteria based on predictive maintenance standards.



Produce automated professional reports of inspected assets and detected findings, exported directly to PDF for immediate evaluation.






Generate tables and databases of your inspections, assets and findings and connect them to other asset management software. We create special integrations through APIs, ask us for particular use cases.

Collaboration and secure access control

The Automapp Cloud platform allows users to configure different levels of access and permissions for team members, ensuring secure control and effective collaboration in asset management and visual inspection. Our platform integrates with other third-party software and collaboration tools, facilitating interoperability and workflow between different systems. This allows teams to work together efficiently, sharing information in real time and making informed decisions based on georeferenced data and asset analysis.

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Find out how Automapp Cloud can revolutionize your visual inspections by integrating artificial intelligence for automated problem detection and analysis.

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