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Plans made for you

Automapp Cloud offers different plans to meet the needs of individuals, small businesses, and large organizations in asset management and visual inspections. Each plan has been designed considering different levels of requirements and complexity. Choose between our Starter, Professional, Advanced and Enterprise plans to access the tools and functionalities that best suit your needs and take your visual inspections to the next level.

Prices ​​and characteristics may change without prior notice.
To upgrade to any of the plans, it is necessary to start with the starter version.

Starter / Demo


14 days Free Trial

Aimed at those who:

  • Are looking to get started in the field of visual inspections, with efficient tools for asset evaluation.

  • Want to integrate data capture through mobile applications.





per month

Aimed at those who:

  • Need to automate their evaluations with Artificial Intelligence

  • Perform inspections on a regular basis and need more control and storage

  • Work with Thermographies




per month

Aimed at those who:

  • Need LiDAR functionalities

  • Want to perform maintenance tracking with mobile apps.  

  • Require more space and flexibility in their tools and reporting. 






Aimed at:

  • Companies that need all the functionality and advanced options available

  • Teams with high data volumes, analysis and processing requirement

  • Companies that require solid and personalized support, with training and support hours included.

Includes use of AI evaluation automation.
Usage values are charged separately

Check here in detail what each Automapp Cloud license includes

Plans Details

Starter / Demo

individual user
1 work space
storage: 250 GB

no additional storage
Standard platform 


Data Capture

  • Mobile App: Inspector

  • Drone and Cameras

GIS Platform

  • Indivdual Profile

  • Base with Google Maps suite

  • Import and export in CSV and KML/KMZ forma

Evaluation Tools:

  • Dynamic Evaluation Forms

  • Tools for identification and classification of finding

  • Labeling

  • Risk Priorization

Base Modules:

  • RGB Images

  • RGB Video

  • Layers

  • Download points from map


  • Individual PDF Report

  • CSV report findings and points


  • Community Forum

  • Online Documentation


8 Users
4 workspaces
storage: 1 TB

no additional storage
Standard platform 

All Starter +

Data Formats

  • 360

  • Grid Photography (DJI M300

  • Thermography (DJI Radiometry)


  • Daily consolidated email of incident


  • Improved report customization


  • User Profiles, segmented by workspace and role


Purchase option for

  • Proprietary Model Trainin

  • AI Inspection

    (Modelos Pre-Entrenados y/o (Pre-Trained and/or Proprietary Models)

  • Electrical Engineer Inspections

  • LiDAR: Segmentation


16 users

8 workspaces
storage: 2,5 TB

Additional cost per TB
Standard platform

All Professional +

Data Optimization

  • Integration with Automapp PROCESOR
    (offline file compression and optimization tool)

Data Formats

  • LiDAR


Maintenance Tool

  • Mobile App Repair System

  • Maintenance planner and supervisor profiles

LiDAR Add-Ons

  • Map visualization integratio

  • LiDAR Profile

  • Measurements


  • Custom Finding

  • Delegation (Permissions)


  • Pilot Dashboard


Purchase of services for

  • LiDAR: Tension and Arrow

  • Vegetation Management


Unlimited Users
Unlimited Workspaces
Unlimited Storage

Additional cost per TB

100% Customizable Platform

All Advanced +

Advanced Support *

  • Training

  • Platform Enhancement

  • Technical Support
    * 20 hours per year included, and option to charge per additional hour.


  • Streaming (additional option)

  • Orthomosaics (additional option)

Additional Unlimited Suppor

  • Email & Chat

LiDAR Add Ons

  • Working with tree

  • Properties

  • Measurements Hazardous Distances (Exportable)

  • Telecom Tools


  • Access to Administration and reporting modul

  • Massive Data Download


  • Possibility to connect to ERPs (e.g. SAP, Fracttal, etc.)

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