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Mobile Apps for Inspections and Maintenance

Power your inspections and asset management with our mobile applications. Designed to facilitate the capture of images, report of findings, maintenance and monitoring of activities in the field. Integrated with the Automapp Cloud platform, these applications improve efficiency and provide end-to-end support throughout the inspection and maintenance process.

Capture images and videos from your smartphone

Automapp Inspector

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Captura de imágenes con o sin conexión a internet

La IA se combina con la georreferenciación para ubicar exactamente los problemas identificados en un mapa, facilitando la planificación y ejecución de acciones de mantenimiento.

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Etiquetado de imágenes para reportar hallazgos

La integración de la IA en la plataforma proporciona una visión más completa y detallada de los activos, permitiendo la identificación de tendencias y anticipación de problemas.


Integración con plataforma Automapp Cloud

La IA mejora la generación de reportes, facilitando la interpretación de los datos y la toma de decisiones basadas en información sólida y confiable.

You don't need anything more than a smartphone

In your hand you already have a smartphone that has GPS and a good camera. Simply download Automapp Inspector and carry out your first field inspection, without the need for a drone.


Perform inspections on location with our mobile apps

Use the same evaluation forms that you have loaded on your Platform through your mobile. Capture images and videos, generate reviews and upload everything when you have an Internet connection.

Integrated to the Automapp Cloud workflow

All the inspections you carry out from the app will be uploaded to your Platform like any other inspection carried out with a drone. You will be able to modify the evaluations carried out, mark the images and export a PDF report for each asset.

Automapp Inspector is an application designed to facilitate the capture of images during visual inspections directly from your cell phone. With this application, you will be able to obtain photos and videos (even without an internet connection), report findings and, once you have a connection, upload them directly to your Automapp Cloud platform. In this way, you will be able to carry out visual inspections efficiently and have all the subsequent support of the platform.

* A subscription to the Automapp Cloud Platform is required. Available from the starter plan.


End of cycle and maintenance reports

Automapp Repairs

Assign repairs directly to your contractors

You will be able to visualize a detailed report of all the findings directly on the platform, and assign them in a massive way directly to the personnel in charge of carrying out the intervention in the field.

Complete  forms on location

Record in the field, and without the need for an Internet connection, all the asset repair information (operator, company, GPS, date and time, status, comment, photos, etc.), and send them to your Platform.

Generate automatic reports

Once the repair report has been sent, you will be able to view the status before and after the repair on the Platform, in addition to generating an automatic PDF report with the entire repair record.

Automapp Reparaciones is an application that allows you to complete the inspection cycle by being able to take photos from your cell phone in order to report the maintenance/repair carried out on a finding in an asset reported on the platform. With Automapp Repairs, you will be able to document and monitor the maintenance process of your assets efficiently and effectively.

* A subscription to the Automapp Cloud Platform is required. Available from the business plan.


Operations forms with automated reports

Automapp InForms

Generate your own powered forms

Generate your own dynamic forms (for operations, internal procedures, etc.), with automatic alerts, messages, limits and indications required for your field personnel

Authorize activities automatically

The forms can be configured so that they deliver, automatically and without the need for an Internet connection, an authorization or rejection of activity according to the responses entered.

View and download reports in real time

You will have a control panel where you can download automatic reports (PDF and CSV) of the completed forms, as well as being able to make notes on the forms sent.

InForms is an application to fill out activity check forms, such as a drone flight activity. With InForms, you will be able to complete the form and obtain a validation if you meet all the requirements to fly that appear on the form. In addition, InForms is used to generate flight traceability, providing information that can later be audited from the same Automapp Cloud platform. The forms can be customized according to your needs.

* Does not require a subscription to the Automapp Cloud Platform. If you need more information, contact us.

Transform your Inspections

Discover how Automapp Cloud can revolutionize your asset management and optimize your operations. Request a demonstration today and see for yourself how our platform, powered by artificial intelligence, can make a difference in your asset inspection.

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